The winter months have been full of new projects, awards and appearances for the Lorenc+Yoo team.

The firm kicked off the new year with a new Web site! Visit for a fresh look at LYD’s 31 years of intelligent designs for great clients. Browse through a sleek gallery of high-resolution images from our project portfolio. Let us know what you think of the new site by e-mailing Richard Lorenc, Lorenc+Yoo’s website designer.

As an expert on environmental design, Jan Lorenc presented his award-winning methodologies at several conferences and events.

In May, Jan Lorenc participated in a seminar on Documentation and the Design Process during the Society for Environmental Graphic Design’s 2008 annual conference, “Interplay Austin” in Austin, Texas.

In early October, Lorenc spoke at the International Museum Design Symposium in London, where he described the process of institutional storytelling. Citing his experience creating the visitors’ center for Mayo Clinic, Lorenc discussed the critical role designers play in selling their vision throughout a client’s organization, and he described how to create a versatile exhibit that can adapt to changing needs. View images from Lorenc+Yoo’s design for Mayo Clinic Heritage Hall.

From October 27 to 29, Lorenc presented on a panel entitled Design Exploration at the Event Design Summit ‘08 in Los Angeles. “Stay curious and you’ll stay on top,” Lorenc told attendees. “Asking questions and chasing down the answers is a critical part of all creative processes. Learn how to shape your design exploration in a way that keeps the creative juices flowing.”

Jan Lorenc also taught a short course in exhibition design at the Georgia Tech College of Architecture’s industrial design department during the fall 2008 semester.

In addition, Lorenc’s book, What Is Exhibition Design?, has been translated into three new languages: Chinese, Polish and Russian. These new translations bring Lorenc’s book on the process of exhibition design to completely new audiences across the world.

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