Summer ushered in a host of media coverage, professional development and presentations by Lorenc+Yoo team members. Jan Lorenc was selected to write an introduction to an upcoming book on interior design to be published in China. Lorenc+Yoo’s work also will appear in World Design Map, Hotel Designers Say, Encounter-Kiss The Stands 2009 and the International Interior Design Yearbook 2009. These follow the recent Chinese language publication of Lorenc’s exhibition design textbook, What Is Exhibition Design?. In July, Lorenc also launched a blog, Jan on Design, which explores design from Dallas to Dubai, from Syracuse to Seoul, and showcases the best (and sometimes the worst) trends in experiential design.

In late May, LYD senior designer David Park attended a weeklong classical architecture symposium in New York City. Park attended to strengthen LYD’s understanding of classical proportions and design. In June, Jan Lorenc attended the conference of the Congress for the New Urbanism, an organization dedicated to promoting walkable, neighborhood-based development, in Denver, where he attended sessions on sustainability in urban design, zoning and planning.

Lorenc+Yoo’s design team doesn’t just attend classes, but instructs them as well. LYD associate Hartmut Jordan teaches a regular class on environmental graphics at Portfolio Center in Atlanta. “I task the students with designing a wayfinding system for a resort, tradeshow booth, museum exhibit and retail environment,” Jordan said. “We’ve also worked on the ‘White House Redux’ project, a national competition to redesign the White House.”

Lorenc+Yoo recently presented a retrospective of 31 years of design to the Atlanta office of HOK architects at an afternoon design enrichment series, celebrating the firm’s portfolio of award-winning work.

In mid-July, Lorenc+Yoo was selected to design the environmental graphics program for the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City. When completed in 2012, this landmark 925-foot tower will be the tallest building in the region.

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