Lorenc+Yoo Design principals Jan Lorenc and Chung Yoo are both Georgia Tech graduates, so when the opportunity arrived for them to give back to their alma mater, they jumped at the chance.

Lorenc and Yoo last December completed a semester course at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture on designing immersive spaces. Divided into two parts, the first exercise taught the students the power and possibilities of immersive spaces, that is, environments that convey messages such as branding, emotion or motivate people to take a certain action.

The second unit of the course was a practical application to redesign the Roswell History Center, located in an old mill machine shop from 1830. The class measured the space, drew it, and laid out their spatial narrative. The students handled the assignment like a real world project. The City of Roswell’s director of cultural affairs reviewed their work, and the final draft was presented to the parks board.

Lorenc and Yoo later juried the projects and evaluated them on their artistic, practical, and contextual qualities. The class was a great opportunity for students to learn how design professionals go from the discovery process, to conceptual design, and final designs to present to their clients.

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