1180 Peachtree is one of the hottest addresses in Atlanta. Designed by architect Jon Pickard of the firm Pickard/Chilton (New Haven, Conn.), the 55-story building’s clean lines and organic shape have already become a landmark in Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood. Lorenc+Yoo added its own touch to 1180 Peachtree by developing a street-level canopy for the building’s signature restaurant: TAP.

Lorenc+Yoo devised the canopy signage structure for TAP to fit the look and feel of bustling Midtown Atlanta. The design serves as an architectural accent to the building and includes a single, curved canopy comprised of three sections that appear to grow out of the building. Four columns anchor the canopy to the ground, and the TAP logo is centered above. A beer barrel shape contains the logo, which is lit internally and glows red with a subtle aura.

The signage design is not only cosmetic – it’s functional, too. Lorenc+Yoo designed louvers–windows with horizontal slats angled to admit light and air, but to keep out rain, direct sunshine and noise–for two joined canopies to block the heat of the noonday sun and provide shelter from rain.

TAP’s new canopy signage combines appealing design with practicality to attract patrons and keep them happy.

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