When the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) selected Las Vegas as the location for its 2005 show, Phillips Edison & Co. saw the modern western visual vernacular as the backdrop to explore the West and develop a booth reminiscent of the roots of shopping – the general store. The retail real estate management company enlisted Lorenc+Yoo Design to create an exhibit that would evoke the Western feeling while staying true to Phillips Edison’s contemporary perspective.

Enveloped in stainless steel, wood and frosted acrylic, the exhibit’s exterior is a nod to Phillips Edison’s present-day holdings. Near the entrance, a plasma screen and slate-blue aluminum pole topped with an azure fluorescent light beckon visitors inside, where they step back in time.

A copper reception desk reminds visitors of Old West utensils, while 8-foot long cherry slats line the room like a wooden ranch fence. Beyond the slats, meeting rooms expose barn-like rafters, and a window revealing a frosted-blue acrylic sheet offers illusions of the western sky. Leather chairs, copper posts, mahogany laminate tables and cactus-like bushes accent the exhibit with treasures of the historic region.

The signature blend of Old West with modern professionalism that Lorenc+Yoo created was so well received by both exhibit visitors and Phillips Edison that it has been used for the last two years, with no end in sight – just like the open expanses of the Wild West.

LYD continues to add flair to Phillips Edison’s trade show presence as it completes a new design for this year’s ICSC show. The firm is proud to have been retained to design exhibits for Phillips Edison’s upcoming shows, and seeks to recreate the success of the 2005 show for years to come.

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