A new installation of Lorenc+Yoo Design’s ‘Rising Hand’ concept for Samsung now greets visitors at the Toronto Pearson International airport. The 50 foot-tall aluminum sculpture reaches toward the future of personal communications, grasping Samsung’s latest handset innovation.

Lorenc recently spoke about the origin for the design before design students in Seoul, Korea.

“A couple of years ago we were asked to take part in a paid competition with automotive designer named Giorgetto Giugiaro out of Milan and Karim Rashid out of New York,” Lorenc explained. “Samsung asked us to design an icon for an international airport to promote their handsets. They previously had a campaign where they took the chairman’s hand, and they scaled it up 1,000 times, put it in the ground, painted it silver, and that was it. The problem was it looked like a dead giant that was buried because it didn’t really have any energy. We wanted our design to take the energy from the earth, but have the same personal touch of a communication device. We won the competition, and our sculpture was installed at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, and subsequently in Kiev, Ukraine and Toronto, Canada.”

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