Sitting just a few miles outside of Toledo, the Shops at Fallen Timbers is an upscale mall that artfully combines the feel of a town center with the history of the area as the site of the final battle of the Northwest Indian War. Lorenc+Yoo’s signage and wayfinding design echoes the mall’s architecture and provides visitors with unobtrusive ways to enjoy the area and its amenities.

To many, the signage program for the Shops at Fallen Timbers may resemble a residential real estate development or college campus. This is no accident — street signs, engraved address plaques and streetlamp banners were designed to engender a familiar feeling among visitors. The result is a relaxed outdoor shopping experience and a simple guide for visitors as they navigate through the mall.

LYD mirrored the design of the signage to the architecture, using brick, stone, tile, glass, shingled roofing and dramatic lighting to accentuate the buildings’ long angles. Additionally, the designers echoed the Shops at Fallen Timbers’ logo by using the same tree-like patterns down buildings on the main street.

Despite the development’s traditional feel, LYD employed modern design elements, such as steel, angled roofing and sculptural typography, adding an original touch to the small town ambiance.

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