Jan Lorenc had the opportunity to tour throughout Eastern Asia this spring, visiting locations in Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Japan over a three-week period. Lorenc gave talks on his book–What Is Exhibition Design?at a number of universities that have design schools, including:

  • Tongji University in Shanghai, China
  • Hong Ik University, Seoul, Korea
  • Sunmoon University, Asan, Korea
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
  • SADI – Samsung Art and Design Institute, Seoul, Korea
  • EWHA Women’s University, in Seoul Korea
  • KODFA – Korean Design Firms Association, Seoul, Korea

Video of Lorenc’s talk at the KODFA in Seoul is available online from DesignTV.

While off of the lecture circuit, Lorenc had the chance to see the sights, and has written about many of his favorites on his blog Jan On Design. Among his posts is one on Dominique Perrault’s new design for the EWHA Women’s University in Seoul.

EWHA Women’s University in Seoul invited me to speak to their design students last month,” Lorenc wrote. “This treat was made doubly sweet because their new student center building by Domenique Perrault was recently completed. It’s a joy to see such beautifully designed modern buildings and how they are integrated into site. This building goes away as it is more about the landscape and its processional power.”

Visit Jan On Design for pictures and other dispatches from around the world.

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