Over the past 10 years, Lorenc+Yoo Design — in association with Journey Communications, Inc. — has developed more than 25 booths at the International Council of Shopping Centers’ (ICSC) annual trade show. For the May 2007 show, the team designed seven new booths, which will be featured in the next two issues of Experiential Storytelling. Since all of the companies at the show operate in the same industry, many of the booths resemble each other and have little personality. Hence Lorenc+Yoo’s mission to reflect each client’s unique persona into its designs.

Related is a national firm specializing in developing mixed use communities in the top U.S. real estate markets. LYD created a dynamic presence for Related, allowing it to showcase models and animations of key projects. The rich woods and metals of Related’s New York headquarters inspired the materials employed throughout the booth, and presented a professional atmosphere to convention-goers.

A relatively small firm in the shopping center industry, DLC wanted to set itself apart from its “Goliath” competitors. LYD made DLC’s decade-long advertising campaigns a major focus of the booth’s exterior, thus reinforcing the company’s industry experience. Bold, larger than life “DLC” letters punctuated the perimeter of the booth, illuminating the colorful conference rooms, reception area and lounge.

BlackRock, an international real estate investment firm, wanted a booth that echoed its headquarters and capitalized on the boldness of the color black to stand out from competitors. LYD offset the power of the black material with the energy of lime green and orange accents, setting a contemporary, animated look. BlackRock’s iconic head shot ads served to anchor the booth.

Lorenc+Yoo Design and Journey Communications, Inc. created a powerful presence for these three very different companies at the ICSC show. With more than 20 booths at the 2007 ICSC convention in Las Vegas, LYD’s bold and detailed design approach is highly discernable, resulting in new partnerships for both LYD and its clients after each show.

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