Deep in the heart of Texas, the 150-acre Gaylord Texan resort features more than 1,500 rooms and 400,000 square feet of conference space. This Texas-sized resort is a destination for leisure-seekers and business travelers alike, and needed a bold signage and wayfinding system to help guests make their way across the sprawling campus. That was where Lorenc+Yoo came in.

A short drive from Dallas, the resort boasts a distinct ranch-like ambiance. The landmark entrance looks like it came right out of a dude ranch, with light-colored stacked stone, colonial-era lamps and metalwork. Even the resort’s logo recalls the design of a cattle-brand sitting on top of a wooden archway. Desert flowers and plants surround the gateway, adding a bit of color to the otherwise arid aesthetic.

Both the star and the sun play major roles in resort’s design. The Lone Star Atrium features four and a half acres of gardens and walkways and is topped with a giant star that is visible to planes overhead. Reiterating the sun-like symbols in the resort’s logo, LYD incorporated solar motifs in everything from parking lot guide signs to guest room labels. The sun and stars are a constant reminder of the natural character of the luxurious resort.

The biggest challenge on this project was devising a wayfinding system to help guests find their way around the campus. Applying its knowledge of resort traffic flows and other techniques, LYD created a signage system that uses clear typographic symbols and colors to communicate place and destination. Metal is featured heavily in most signs, recalling the high-quality ranch ambiance.

Gaylord Texan is a luxury destination that respects its surroundings. For many, it is the gateway to Texas, and, thanks in part to the work of Lorenc+Yoo, it is the perfect place to begin a southwestern adventure.

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