Continuing Partnerships Yield Fresh Exhibition Experiences

Continuing long-term partnerships with leading commercial real estate firms, Lorenc+Yoo Design and partner Journey Communications recently unveiled the latest iterations of their exhibition spaces for DLC and Related. Debuting in New York and Las Vegas throughout 2017, both spaces feature modern designs, bold colors, and clear branding to attract visitors from across the hall.

DLC’s space at ICSC 2017 in Las Vegas carries many of the most distinguishing features from previous years, including large lettering, impressive height, ample seating and private areas, and white fields with wood tones. Designed to be updated, new graphics, light fixtures, and furniture reflect the needs of the moment. DLC’s space continues as a fine corporate environment that just happens to be sited on a convention floor.

DLC’s space at the ICSC’s “New York Deal Making” show in New York in December 2017, interprets many of the features of the Las Vegas floorplan to fit within a much smaller footprint. The familiar height of the identifying branded landmark is here surrounded by semi-private seating throughout the space. It adapts many of the distinguishing features of Lorenc+Yoo’s design for the larger exhibit, adapted for a new challenge.

Related’s new design for last December’s ICSC show in New York makes a completely new statement. Visible from a distance with a branded obelisk-like feature reminiscent of the sculptural character of Hudson Yards in New York, Lorenc+Yoo designed the periphery of the space to resemble the High Line in New York City, complete with trees, illuminated plants, an industrial bar area, and modern wooden benches. The center of the exhibition is something completely different, featuring a bright, tall corridor filled with backlit photography of Related’s properties. The final fifth of the floorplan features branded private conference rooms for conducting business.

These new spins on proven spaces for DLC and Related are two more examples of why Lorenc+Yoo is proud to continue valuable business partnerships.

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