191 Peachtree Street continues to evolve, and Lorenc+Yoo Design is there with partner Cousins Properties every step of the way.

The 15-year-old, 55-story building, designed by Philip Johnson, has recently installed a new canopy over the rear entrance to add both practical value and bring that side of the building to a human level.

Similar to the front entrance canopy also designed by LYD, the rear canopy addresses directly the problem of the many rainy days in Atlanta. The firm designed it to include the classical elements of the building and the modern touches expected by tenants and Commerce Club members. The canopy has a series of cross column elements that anchors its form into the colonnade. Elegant but strong rods connect to it to hold the canopy in place structurally.

LYD also designed the lantern at the street side to match the canopy lanterns and to provide a demarcation between the street and driveway entrance. LYD recommended the installation of new paving to turn the previous nondescript blacktop into something more fitting. A new latticework on both sides of the large wall adds texture and allows future planting to make a classical topiary form.

This canopy was detailed structurally by Cooper Carry & Associates, which, like Cousins, is also a longtime LYD collaborator and client since 1982. LYD believes that longtime relationships are critical to our success over 34 years, and is pleased at the results of these collaborations every step of the way.

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