Where can you go to get the latest news on the design industry?

You could ask Google or you could visit DesignPlaceNews.com, a new pilot project by Lorenc+Yoo Design.

DesignPlaceNews.com homepage Seeing an absence of general design industry news online, Lorenc+Yoo decided to test a new online format of aggregating the news of firms engaged in industrial, graphic, signage, and architectural design worldwide. The result is a website that covers everyone from Dutch designer Marcel Wanders to New York-based Chermayeff & Geismar. There’s even been coverage of popular design solutions, including how to turn your iPhone into a studio-level camera.

“Our goal with the site is to be the place where people go to discover the latest in environmental graphic design,” said Jan Lorenc. “We have hired two great content developers who scour the web daily to find interesting new designs to write about. We want the site to be valuable to members of our design community as well as potential clients who are seeking potential partners for their projects.”

In addition to just posting news on the website, DesignPlaceNews.com has a new Facebook page and Twitter account, where we post items both from the website and interesting tidbits found online. Become a fan of DesignPlaceNews.com on Facebook and Twitter.

Have any questions, comments, or tips? Want to have your work featured on DesignPlaceNews.com? Shoot us an email at [email protected].

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