A Big Round of Applause for TEDxFuxingParkWomen2017 “Bridge” Event

We build them, we cross them, and sometimes we even burn them–at TEDWomen 2017, we explored the many aspects of this year’s theme: Bridges. Held simultaneously with a sister event in New Orleans, Lorenc+Yoo supported the TEDxFuxingParkWomen2017 event at PWC’s venue by Xintiandi Lake in Shanghai, China.

Organized by Lorenc+Yoo’s Asia-Pacific Market Director Jingjing Zou for the third year in a row, the event featured inspiring women entrepreneur stories, the power of innovation, showcase of modern art, and live performances, tea breaks, and afterparties. Among the speakers were authors, speech coaches, entrepreneurs, designers, and scholars. Ms. Hu Yijia from the China Art Academy shared her special view on the architectural color palette of the Yangzi River delta.

Amongst the amazing lineup of female speakers, four male speakers who shared the stage, including Sheng-Hung Lee, who shared his view of “unisexual” design and “design without borders,” helping people with special needs to share environments.

“This was unprecedented,” said Zou, “every speaker had only 10 minutes to spread their ‘Ideas worth spreading,’ instead of the TED regular rules of 18 minutes. Every speaker was amazing, and each shined brightly.” 

Two special performing artists were equally impressive: Zimu (Will) Ma wrote a special theme song for this event and performed on the stage called ”For You and For Me,” which is also being played at Chinese Pizza Huts, Burger Kings, KFCs, Uniqlo stores, and more. Perhaps you’ll hear to this song next time you’re dinning out or shopping in China.

We would love to give special thanks to Mr. Xue, director of tvsdesign’s Shanghai offic,; Mr Phoebus and his colleagues from AECOM Guangzhou, and Ms. Claire Chen. 

We will have more meaningful TEDx events in the year to come, and will warmly extend our welcome to more of Lorenc+Yoo’s friends in China to participate Visit www.tedxfuxingpark.org for more information.

All photos are by V-photos platform.

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