lucilles0When the opportunity came to debut blues legend B.B. King’s new Lucille’s restaurant concept, Creek Casino Montgomery took it. And when the question arose of how to direct patrons to Lucille’s Eatery amid the flashing flights and sounds of the casino floor, they turned to Lorenc+Yoo.

Named after King’s favorite guitar, the restaurant caters to the needs of casino-goers by employing lighting, graphics, and color to make the presence of the restaurant unmistakable. Signage details include a retro-styled flashing arrow and guitar head with forks instead of tuning pegs. Bright red, cursive script evokes the sense of a comfortable diner from days’ past.

Lorenc+Yoo is currently working on a comprehensive signage system for the casino and the hotel, as well as the Beale Street (Memphis) theme for its entertainment venues. This is the third casino resort that Lorenc+Yoo has designed for the Creek tribe, with the other two in Atmore and Wautumpka, Alabama.

The signage for Lucille’s Eatery employs various best practices and techniques to turn heads in even the most hectic of environments.

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